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afghanistanmilitarymission april15 NATO Allies have decided to end the two-decade-old U.S.-led military mission in Afghanistan. The decision was announced at a joint press conference by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin in Brussels on Wednesday. On the same day, U.S. President Joe Biden officially announced the drawdown of all 2,500 U.S. troops

afghan 032211 14apr21 All US troops will withdraw from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021, which marks the 20th anniversary of the Al-Qaeda terrorist attacks on American soil. White House officials announced on Tuesday that after a rigorous policy review, President Biden has decided to draw down the remaining U.S. troops from Afghanistan and finally end the U.S. war there after 20 years. The drawdown of the remaining a

christinewormuth april13 President Joe Biden has nominated international security expert Christine Wormuth as the new Secretary of the US Army. This the first time in the U.S. history that a female is appointed to this key post. If confirmed, she would be the first woman to hold the third most senior civilian position in the Department of Defense. Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin described her as "a true patriot with a

guunviolence april09 US President Joe Biden revealed the statistics of the heavy price that United States is paying as a result of the surging incidents of gun violence. Announcing a set of executive actions aimed at curbing gun violence in the wake of a series of mass shootings that shocked the country, Biden said, "Gun violence in this country is an epidemic, and it's an international embarrassment". "Every day in

guncontrol 0408 The Biden administration has announced a number of executive actions aimed at curbing gun violence in the wake of a series of mass shootings that shocked the country. President Joe Biden is expected to sign the executive actions Thursday. In the first step, the Justice Department will issue a proposed rule to help stop the proliferation of the so-called "ghost guns" within 30 days, the White H

New York, host to 90 billionaires and 30 thousand millionaires, might see their population bump down after the city proposed a tax-rate increase as a part of their recently published $212 billion budget deal. The revised top tax rate of 13.5% to 14.8% suggests that New York will lead the tax-chart...

biden april01 President Joe Biden has rolled out the first part of his sweeping $2 trillion infrastructure and jobs plan that would be spent out over an eight-year period. Speaking at Carpenters Pittsburgh Training Center in Pittsburgh, Biden said he plans to raise the fund to implement the proposal by increasing corporate tax rate to 28 percent and eliminating tax breaks for fossil fuels. "No one should be

bidenvaccine march30 President Joe Biden has unveiled new actions to get more people in the United States vaccinated against coronavirus quickly, and launched a new program to transport the most vulnerable seniors and people with disabilities to vaccination sites. Delivering remarks on his administration's COVID-19 response and the state of vaccinations, Biden announced that by April 19, 90 percent of adults in the U

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