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New 'Willy Wonka' Film In The Works

A new version of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" is in the works from Warner Brothers. The reboot follows the 1970s era Gene Wilder classic and the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp reboot from 2005. This new version will feature a script from "Saturday Night Live" writer and "Man Seeking Woman" creator Simon Rich. According to variety.com, the new film is not exactly an origin story about Wonka.

Evanescence Box Set Coming In December

Evanescence announced that they will release their first vinyl box set on December 9. The box set, which will be called The Ultimate Collection, will consist of six LPs on 180-gram black heavyweight vinyl. The box set will feature the band's three studio albums, Fallen, The Open Door and Evanescence, as well as the first release of their demo album.

Alexis Arquette Died From 29-Year HIV Battle - ENTERTAINMENT

Alexis Arquette passed away this past September 11. The immediate cause of death was cardiac arrest, however, Arquette's death certificate noted that HIV was the underlying cause of her passing. Arquette had appeared in more than 50 films during her acting career. Her most notable roles were for Last Exit to Brooklyn and The Wedding Singer.