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The World's 10 Most Expensive Cars A car is not just a mode of conveyance, but is also a rolling piece of art that is cherished decades after its production. The most expensive cars, made by big names like Lamborghini, Koenigsegg, Ferrari and Aston Martin are meant for rich collectors and are wildly out of the reach of most people. These rare and excessively powerful cars not only highlight the status of the automotive manufacturers, but they also represent the personal automotive tastes of billionaires and celebrities. The mind-boggling cost of these big and mean machines itself attract the public’s attention. Despite the lifestyle criticisms, these insane super-cars are a symbol of speed, industry-leading technology and prestige. It is sheer pleasure to just see them.

New Drugs Approved In January The bench to bedside journey of drugs is no easy task. The year 2017 saw 46 novel drugs get FDA approval, perhaps the most in two decades. Novel drugs are new molecular entities (NMEs) having chemical structures that have never been approved before. Let's take a look at the new drugs approved in January 2018, including novel drugs.

Biotech Stocks Facing FDA Decision In February We are almost one month into the New Year, and it has been a busy month at the FDA.

Most successful video games of all time The computer and video game industry, also referred to as the interactive entertainment industry, is the economic sector involved in the development, marketing and monetization of video games. The thriving industry, which accounts for the third-largest segment of entertainment behind broadcast and cable TV, encompasses several job disciplines and employs thousands of people worldwide. Since the release of the first commercially successful video game Pong in 1972 on the Atari platform, video games have been a common staple in many homes as a source of entertainment. With the advent of the mobile phone, video games have continued to bring a source of entertainment to the worldwide masses.