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Potential Treatments For Sickle Cell Disease Sickle cell disease, or SCD in short, refers to a group of inherited red blood cell disorders. In these patients, the hemoglobin protein present inside the red blood cells is abnormal, causing the RBCs to become rigid, sticky and "C" or sickle, shaped. The faulty hemoglobin is known as sickle hemoglobin (HbS), and is caused by a mutation. It is estimated that about 70,000 to 100,000 Americans have sickle cell disease.

Potential Blockbuster Drugs The journey of drugs from bench to bedside is a roller coaster ride. It is estimated that only 5 in 5,000 compounds that enter preclinical testing make it to human testing, and out of those 5, only 1 may pass through all the regulatory hurdles needed to reach pharmacy shelves.

Biggest Losers: The Ten Worst Stocks Of The First Quarter Despite March historically being a good month for U.S. stock markets, March 2018 has belied expectations. Worries about rising interest rates and more recently, concerns about global trade wars have roiled stock markets this month. Markets saw the Federal Reserve’s first rate hike earlier in March 2018 when the central bank announced it’s widely anticipated decision to raise interest rates by 25 basis points and also continued to project three rate hikes in 2018.  The Dow and S&P 500 indices are now on track for the worst March performance since 2001. For the trading week ended Friday March 23, the major averages posted their biggest weekly loss since January 2016 amid lingering trade war concerns.

Biotech Stocks Facing FDA Decision in April Although nothing much happened in terms of approvals, March was a fairly busy month for the FDA on a number of fronts.