Box Office


Nightcrawler-103014.jpg In a weekend that has the potential to be the slowest of 2014, Jake Gyllenhaal-starring action-thriller "Nightcrawler" stands a good chance to top "John Wick" and end up as the number one draw, though it's also not poised for too big of an opening as it takes aim at 2,766 theaters.

ouija-102714.jpg With a steady $7,000 per site and $20 million overall, horror-thriller "Ouija" had no problem opening atop the box office charts this weekend, making it yet another low-budget horror release to reach mainstream audiences. Also doing fairly well was "John Wick," as the action flick starring Keanu Reeves hauled in more than $5,000 per site and made a decent $14 million in opening revenue.

Johnwick-102314.jpg With "Fury" likely to fall from the number one position, Keanu Reeves-starring action flick "John Wick" will be looking to ride excellent reviews to the top of the box office this weekend, though it will have to surpass the opening of horror release "Ouija" to do so. Even without any star power, "Ouija" looks to be in good position with a PG-13 rating and an easy to understand concept.

fury-102014.jpg Though it was far from a blockbuster opening, "Fury" ended up atop the box office with a strong $23 million, knocking "Gone Girl" out of the top slot after the David Fincher thriller held the position for the two previous weekends. Also opening over the weekend was "The Book of Life," an animated family film that brought in a so-so $17 million at 3,070 total theaters.

Fury-101614.jpg After two weekends of "Gone Girl" leading the way, Brad Pitt's World War II drama "Fury" looks to have an excellent shot to make it to the top of the box office, extending Pitt's streak of strong performing R-rated dramas in recent years. Also getting launched this weekend will be animated "The Book of Life," though a subdued weekend seems likely for the Fox release.

Gonegirl-101314.jpg Even with a surprisingly strong opening weekend from "Dracula Untold," David Fincher's acclaimed thriller "Gone Girl" landed back atop the box office charts this weekend, grossing a very strong $26 million in second-weekend revenue. Meanwhile, "Dracula Untold" shrugged off some of the recent struggles of the horror-fantasy genre, hauling in $23 million in opening revenue.

Alexander-100914.jpg In a busy week for new releases, PG family comedy "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" looks poised to potentially topple "Gone Girl" and become the top movie of the weekend, though it will likely be a close call up at the top.

GoneGirl-100614.jpg With a very strong $12,600 per venue and $38 million overall, R-rated thriller "Gone Girl" was able to ride good buzz to the top of the charts, barely surpassing an impressive $37 million opening for horror flick "Annabelle." Thanks to strong opening totals for the top two releases, the weekend ended up being the first since the middle of June to have two movies open to more than $35 million.

gonegirl-100214.jpg Based on a popular book of the same title, R-rated thriller "Gone Girl" looks like it's headed to the top of the box office in an eclectic weekend for new releases, with Ben Affleck starring in the latest from director David Fincher ("Seven," "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo").