DVD Releases


Godzilla-091614.jpg As the home market release schedule begins to pick up, action smash hit "Godzilla" heads to DVD and Blu-ray this week, likely finding another very wide audience after being one of the top performers in theaters this summer. Also getting launched this week on DVD and Blu-ray will be "The Fault in Our Stars," a romantic drama starring Shailene Woodley that put together an impressive box office run.

CaptainAmerica-090914.jpg After a very slow period of the Blu-ray release schedule, the new titles start to pick up this week with the launch of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," one of the most successful big-budget films of the year and a lock to have a major impact in the home market as well. Also getting launched this week on DVD and Blu-ray will be a spread of lesser known releases.

Draftday-090214.jpg With the NFL football season about to get underway, distributor Lionsgate will top the new Blu-ray releases this week with "Draft Day," a PG-13 sports drama that had a minimal theatrical impact back in the spring. Also getting launched this week will be "Moms' Night Out," though the PG comedy from TriStar barely made a dent at the box office in the early portion of the summer.