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topfive-121214.jpg Instead of a predictable reach for low-hanging fruit, Chris Rock's "Top Five" is a movie that refuses to cheapen itself with the obvious gag and instead ends up a surprisingly thoughtful reflection on the soul of a comedian. Though not a breakout success, "Top Five" cleverly delves into the celebrity age and even manages to do the impossible: make Adam Sandler funny again.

InherentVice-120514.jpg Though a bit bloated at nearly two and a half hours, Paul Thomas Anderson's oddball crime picture "Inherent Vice" is an unconventional and often hilarious menagerie of schemers and lowlifes. As characters get lost in their own tangled web of plots, we end up with a detailed and spontaneous meandering through 70s drug culture.

Thetheoryofeverything-112614.jpg Considering how many things could have gone wrong, it's amazing just how many things go right in James Marsh's absorbing drama "The Theory of Everything." Though it never really penetrates the theories behind legendary theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, or really tries, "The Theory of Everything" is a naturally uplifting film about a gifted scientist who was dealt a seemingly losing hand.

Mockingjay-Part1-112114.jpg Flinging itself into darker territory than the previous entries, "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" is another impressive chapter in a series that has proven to be much more complex and thoughtful than the genre typically allows. Though it's certainly much lighter on the action than previous entries, "Mockingjay" still brings a compelling story that wisely limits the melodrama.

Rosewater-111414.jpg There's no stopping the revolution in Jon Stewart's directorial debut "Rosewater." Though a bit uneven and a little light on the final act, "Rosewater" is a loving homage to the nature of bearing witness and an occasionally touching celebration of the journalists who fly in the face of regimes all over the world.

Interstellar-110714.jpg In an effort to make a mind-blowing space epic, director Christopher Nolan delivers an entertaining jaunt to the edge of the abyss with "Interstellar," only to leave the audience stuck halfway in between Hollywood fantasy and the finer details of space travel. Still, considering its foundation is based on big ideas about where we're headed as a species, "Interstellar" is an easy movie to respect.

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