Binance Charity Launches Blockchain-Powered 'Lunch For Children' Program

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Binance Charity Foundation (BCF), the philanthropic arm of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, is piloting a blockchain-powered donation drive for its "Lunch for Children" program in 2019. The program envisages providing two meals a day for a full year 2019 to more than 200 students and school staff in Uganda.

Binance Charity had announced the Lunch for Children campaign during Binance Blockchain Week in Singapore last January. The campaign is expected to benefit one million people in the developing world, empowered by BCF's fully transparent donation system.

The program is a predecessor to the the larger campaign, which will benefit students in additional schools across Uganda and other surrounding countries like Rwanda, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

The blockchain-empowered charity allow full end-to-end traceability of funds for transparency and accountability, enabling higher level of trust between stakeholders involved in the process and protecting from potential corruption by middlemen. All the allocation records are demonstrated on the blockchain which is immutable.

The Binance Lunch for Children campaign is a blockchain solution to problems related to hunger and access to primary education. With the fully transparent blockchain platform, everyone can feed a child in a remote area in Africa and other developing countries.

The donation will be initially distributed to the cryptocurrency wallets of the children's parents or legal guardians, who will then send their assets to the suppliers' wallet to redeem for their children's food. Everything will be on the chain and can be verified by everyone.

For the program, Dream Building Service Association (DBSA) and sponsor privacy coin Zcoin are BCF's implementation partners.

The Zcoin team and its leading investors pledged $24,000 worth of cryptocurrency to support the students and school staff in the Jolly Mercy Learning Center in Uganda for breakfast and lunch for one whole year, comprising of three semesters.

In December, BCF started a fundraising channel known as the L-IstrinaCampaign to support terminally ill patients and disadvantaged children in Malta. It accepted donations on the blockchain-powered Binance Charity platform during L-Istrina, a 12-hour internationally televised charity telethon.

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