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12/17/2020 4:16:32 PM Alcoa To Consider Next Steps For The San Ciprin Smelter In Spain
12/9/2020 9:08:53 AM Alcoa Gets New Certifications From Aluminium Stewardship Initiative At Three Additional Locations In Europe
11/30/2020 6:41:55 PM Alcoa Announces Agreement To Sell Rolling Mill To Kaiser Aluminum
10/14/2020 5:13:14 PM Alcoa Q3 Results Beat View
10/14/2020 4:14:09 PM Alcoa Q3 Loss/share $0.26 Vs. Loss $1.19 Year Ago
10/9/2020 6:21:31 AM Alcoa To Reduce San Ciprin Aluminum Smelter In Spain And Initiate A Collective Dismissal That Will Affect About 530 Jobs
9/29/2020 8:40:26 AM Consultation Period For San Ciprin Aluminum Plant Ends Without Agreement; Alcoa Has Up To 15 Days To Announce Decision
9/23/2020 7:10:25 AM Alcoa Expands Its SustanaTM Family Of Products With EcoSourceTM
9/23/2020 7:09:33 AM Alcoa Introduces First Low-carbon, Smelter-grade Alumina Brand EcoSource
8/13/2020 8:06:51 AM Alcoa To Extend Consultation Period Regarding San Ciprin Aluminum Plant In Spain And Pursue Potential Sale
8/6/2020 9:10:07 AM Alcoa Says No Agreement Reached After Last Meeting Of Consultation Period On Its Spanish Smelter