Cnooc Ltd. (CEO)

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7/20/2020 4:44:35 AM CNOOC Announces Luda 21-2/16-3 Regional Development Project Commences Production
6/29/2020 4:44:55 AM CNOOC Makes Significant Discovery Of Huizhou 26-6 In Eastern South China Sea
6/11/2020 4:43:07 AM CNOOC Says Qinhuangdao 33-1S Oilfield Phase I Project Commences Production
5/21/2020 9:37:38 PM CNOOC: Penglai 19-3 Oilfield Area 4 Adjustment/Penglai 19-9 Oilfield Phase II Project Commenced Production
4/29/2020 5:03:10 AM CNOOC Q1 Total Net Production Of 131.5 Mln BOE, Up 9.5%
3/25/2020 4:48:27 AM CNOOC 2019 Total Net Oil And Gas Production 506.5 Mln BOE
3/20/2020 5:42:58 AM CNOOC Names Hu Guangjie Executive Director And The President
3/16/2020 5:31:16 AM CNOOC Says Made Large-sized Discovery Kenli 6-1 In Bohai Bay; Expected To Be First Large-sized Oil Filed In Laibei
2/12/2020 4:19:33 AM CNOOC Says Bozhong 34-9 Oilfield Begins Production
1/13/2020 3:47:43 AM CNOOC Announces Business Strategy And Development Plan For 2020
11/20/2019 3:59:56 AM CNOOC Says Caofeidian 11-1/11-6 Oilfield Comprehensive Adjustment Project Has Commenced Production
11/19/2019 5:18:44 AM CNOOC Names Xu Keqiang As CEO
11/18/2019 6:12:22 AM CNOOC Names Wang Dongjin Chairman And Chairman Of The Nomination Committee Of The Company
10/24/2019 5:02:27 AM CNOOC Limited Reports Q3 Oil And Gas Sales Revenue Of Around RMB48.34 Bln
9/25/2019 8:47:10 PM CNOOC Limited Announces Pricing Of Offering Of US$1.50 Bln Amount Of Guaranteed Notes