Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings, Inc. (DNA)

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1/18/2023 7:02:38 AM NAMUH And Ginkgo Bioworks Announce Partnership To Develop Functional Oligosaccharides
1/11/2023 7:03:01 AM Ginkgo Bioworks Expects To Meet 2022 Guidance Ranges For Total Revenue And New Cell Programs
1/9/2023 7:10:04 AM Prokarium And Ginkgo Bioworks Announce Partnership To Discover Multiple Targets For RNA Therapeutics And Immuno-oncology
1/6/2023 7:04:54 AM Ginkgo Bioworks Announces Opening Of Bioworks7
1/5/2023 7:03:41 AM Esperovax And Ginkgo Bioworks Announce Partnership To Develop Circular RNA-based Therapeutics
12/20/2022 7:15:36 AM Ginkgo Bioworks And MoH Of Republic Of Botswana Announce Plans To Develop New Biosecurity Capabilities In Botswana
12/2/2022 7:01:54 AM Ginkgo Bioworks Provides Compensation Information Related To Recent Acquisitions
11/16/2022 7:32:52 AM Ginkgo Bioworks Announces Sale Of Shares Of Its Class A Common Stock To BTIG For Gross Proceeds Of About $100 Mln
11/16/2022 7:30:00 AM Ginkgo Announces Public Offering of Class A Common Stock (Press Release)
11/14/2022 4:04:38 PM Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings Q3 Loss.share $0.41 Vs. Loss $0.08 Year Ago
11/11/2022 7:03:23 AM Lygos & Ginkgo Bioworks Partner To Optimize Production Of Biobased Specialty Chemicals
10/19/2022 9:09:35 AM Ginkgo Bioworks Closes Acquisition Of Zymergen
10/17/2022 7:16:18 AM IARPA, Ginkgo Bioworks And Draper Announce New Technologies To Detect Engineered DNA
10/11/2022 7:05:43 AM Ginkgo Bioworks Announces Collaboration With Merck To Improve Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Manufacturing