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Michigan generated $221,000 in recreational marijuana sales on Sunday, December 1, the state's first day of legal adult-use sales, according to reports quoting a spokesperson for the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs or LARA. The LARA spokesperson reportedly said that the total sales...

trump-dec02.jpg The White House informed the House Judiciary Committee that President Donald Trump and his lawyers will not co-operate with the panel's first impeachment inquiry hearing scheduled for Wednesday, citing a lack of "fundamental fairness." On November 26, House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) sent a notice to the White House asking Trump to come to the floor of the House and testify at the p

chinaretaliatesagainst-dec02.jpg Chinese government has retaliated against President Donald Trump signing the the Hong Kong Rights Bill by denying permission to U.S. aircraft and warships to visit Hong Kong. Beijing also imposed sanctions on a number of U.S.-based pro-democracy, human rights NGOs saying that they support extremist, violent activities in Hong Kong. They include Human Rights Watch, National Endowment for Democracy

climatechange-dec02.jpg UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that "the point of no return" in global warming is in sight. The benchmarks from the World Meteorological Organization's State of the Climate report indicate that "the point of no return is no longer over the horizon. It is in sight and is hurtling towards us," the UN chief said in a news conference on the eve of a two-week international climate confer

bradgobright-nov29.jpg Brad Gobright, who was one of the most renowned rock climbers in the world, died in an accident while in action in northern Mexico. The 31-year-old adventurous American died in a rappelling accident on Wednesday, in El Potrero Chico, a national park north of Monterrey. Rappelling accidents are the most common cause of fatalities in climbing. Aidan Jacobson, 26, from Phoenix, Arizona, had joine

unmannedaircraft-nov29.jpg The Justice Department published its updated policy on the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, generally known as drones. As per the new government policy, drones can be used only for authorized investigations and activities. It also requires compliance with the Constitution, laws and regulations, including regulations issued by the Federal Aviation Administration. Various branches of the Depa

usresumedpeacetalks-nov29.jpg President Donald Trump confirmed that his government resumed peace talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan, and claimed the joint efforts of U.S., Afghan security forces helped improve the security situation in the terror-stricken country over the past six months. Talking to reporters at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, where he made a surprise visit on Thanksgiving Day, Trump did not commit a time

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers earlier this week signed into law a bipartisan bill that makes the state's 2018 hemp-growing pilot program permanent. Gov. Evers signed the Senate Bill 188, now the 2019 Wisconsin Act 68 and also known as the Growing Opportunities Act. This bill will make the required...

sec-nit-112819.jpg The Securities and Exchange Commission has frozen the assets of a South Florida-based company that defrauded more than 100 retail investors, many of them seniors, in a Penny Stock fraud scheme. According to the SEC's complaint, the operators of the investment scheme, NIT Enterprises CEO Gary R. Smith, Jason M. Ganton, and James E. Cleary, Jr. raised $4.9 million from investors by making misrepre

usforcesresetsyria-nov28.jpg The top U.S. military commander in the Middle East said the defense forces under him are reset and re-positioned in Eastern Syria and have resumed operations with the Syrian Democratic Forces aimed at defeating the Islamic State. At a news conference outside his headquarters in Baghdad, Lt. Gen. Robert White, the commander of Combined Joint Operation Inherent Resolve, briefed the media about the

hongkongprotest-nov28.jpg Chinese government has summoned the U.S. Ambassador to that country to protest against President Donald Trump signing the the Hong Kong Rights Bill, and demanded that Washington should not interfere in China's internal affairs. "China strongly urges the U.S. to correct its mistake and make a fresh start, not to put the Act into effect, and immediately stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs or interfer

People in the state of Michigan will be able to buy recreational marijuana from licensed retailers beginning Sunday, December 1, 2019. The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency or MRA said Wednesday that adult-use or recreational marijuana retailers who also hold a license for a medical marijuana dispensary...

mexicandrugcartels-nov27.jpg President Donald Trump has said he will designate Mexican drug cartels as 'Foreign Terrorist Organizations,' which will give the Government more power to effectively deal with the drugs flowing into the United States and killing scores. Trump revealed his plan in a radio interview to conservative media personality Bill O'Reilly. "They will be designated…. Look, we are losing 100,000 people a yea

foodslabeling-nov27.jpg Two food processing and distribution companies in New York have pleaded guilty to selling seafood across the U.S. market by sticking false labels on packets. In a plea agreement with the government, Roy Tuccillo Sr and his son Roy Tuccillo Jr of Jericho, who own Anchor Frozen Foods Inc. and Advanced Frozen Foods Inc., pleaded to conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Both the firms are based in Westbu

bloomberg-nov27.jpg Michael Bloomberg, the latest entrant to the wide field of candidates for the Democratic nomination, has promised to tax the wealthy if he is elected President. This is one in a set of plans he is going to outline during his campaign, the former New York City Mayor said in a speech after filing for Democratic Primary at Arizona State Capitol. Creating good-paying jobs, providing quality health c

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