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India Criticizes IAEA Over N-Tech Transfer

India has criticized the role being played by the United Nations nuclear watchdog over its limited effort to encourage the transfer of technology from advanced nations to support the need of developing and less developed countries for nuclear power, reports say.

Speaking at a conference in Beijing, Dr Anil Kakodkar, chairman of the Indian Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) said Tuesday the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) spent 55 per cent of its resources on nuclear verification and administration, and devoting much less on issues relating to the transfer of technology through technical co-operation among nations and issues relating to the fuel cycle.

"Surely, this is unacceptable," he said while pointing out that New Delhi always gave the highest priority to the International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO).

INPRO, established under the IAEA in 2001, aims to bring together holders and users of technology to ensure that nuclear energy is available to contribute to the energy needs of the this century.

Kakodkar said the world was indecisive when it came to meeting the growing need for alternate energy and dealing with fears relating to safety, security and nuclear proliferation.

While institutional controls through national and international frameworks were essential, the AEC chief said, these were unlikely to cope up with the concerns, particularly in the context of large-scale future nuclear power needs.

He said fears concerning safety and proliferation were delaying the use of nuclear power, posing an even greater danger by dividing the world between energy haves and have-nots.

He noted that the only practical way out would be to rapidly induct in technology-based solutions that provided an integrated solution to all these issues, and induct them as early as possible. This, he said, could not be done through the narrow view of the world that was discriminatory and uneven about the involvement of all stake-holders.

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