ReebokTrollsNordstrom-042717.jpg Reebok has launched a $425 T-shirt with sweat stains to give its customers a post-workout look. Actually, the T-shirt was a troll by Reebok on luxury department store chain Nordstrom for selling a $425...
SouthwestAirlines-042717.jpg Southwest Airlines Co. has decided to end the practice of overbooking flights, the airline's CEO Gary Kelly said Thursday. The airline's plan to end overbooking could be implemented from May 8, according to a Southwest spokeswoman.
BeyonceLemonade-042817.jpg Beyonce has announced scholarships for young women to mark the celebration of the one-year anniversary of her super hit visual album "Lemonade." Lemonade is Beyonce's sixth studio album, which was released...
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