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election-US-100114.jpg Democrats have climbed into the lead on a generic ballot, according to the results of a new CNN/ORC International poll, although the results may not be as positive for the party as they first appear.
Fish oil supplements may not help improve an irregular heartbeat, according to research conducted at the University of Montreal. The study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, compared 337 patients with atrial fibrillation - one group taking a fish oil supplement and the other taking a placebo.
The Taiwan stock market has finished higher now in back-to-back sessions, advancing almost 30 points or 0.3 percent along the way. The Taiwan Stock Exchange ended just above the 8,990-point plateau, although the market is expected to consolidate on Thursday. The global forecast for the Asian markets...
German sports goods giant Adidas AG (ADDYY.PK, ADDDF.PK) Wednesday said it decided to return up to 1.5 billion euros to its shareholders over the next three years, primarily in the form of share repurchase. The company intends to start buying back shares in the fourth quarter. The stock added over 4 percent in early morning trading.
Mango, one of the most popular tropical fruits, is said to be an excellent source of fiber, copper as well as vitamins C, A, folate and B6. Widely known in India as the King of Fruits, mango has many health benefits associated with it.
Though there are always a couple of releases from earlier in the year that maintain a little awards season buzz (like this year's "Boyhood"), the fall and early portion of winter tend to have most of the top contenders of the year.