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weeklyroundupcrypto-jan17.jpg Bitcoin continued its rally towards the $10000 mark this week, reaching as high as $8950 on Friday. It was the best price recorded in 67 days, and in 2020. That was more than $1100 higher than the price recorded last Friday. In the last seven days, the most popular cryptocurrency improved its value by more than 12 percent. At the time of writing this, Bitcoin was trading at $8825. Bitcoin has

weeklyroundupcrypto-jan10.jpg The past week has been generally good for Bitcoin. In the last seven days the most popular cryptocurrency improved its value by more than $500, or 7 percent. As of this writing, the Bitcoin is trading at $7864. The virtual currency showed signs of resurgence in the New Year after a relatively dull December. After dipping below $7000 on January 2, the currency managed to rise from its slumber.

bitcoin-123119.jpg Bitcoin may be standing nowhere near its all-time high of nearly $20000 reached two years ago, but as 2019 comes to a close, the most popular cryptocurrency has managed to regain the strength it lost a year ago. The virtual currency was trading at $7,224 as of this writing - 95 percent increase from $3689 recorded on 2018 December 31. From its weak position at the beginning of 2019, Bitcoin has

weeklyroundupcrypto-dec20.jpg After dipping to $6538 on Wednesday, Bitcoin price is consolidating in a range above the $7,000 support in the latter half of this week. It was another graph of wide fluctuation for the most popular cryptocurrency in the last 7 days. Opening at $7200, Bitcoin continued its downward slide until Wednesday, losing its value by around $700, or 10 percent. It touched a seven-month low of $6538, the

china-bitcoin-121819.jpg China's Center for Information Industry Development (CCID), under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, released the 15th edition of its state-endorsed cryptocurrency and Blockchain ratings. Chinese altcoin EOS continues to be on top of the latest Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index. Ethereum has been ranked second, while new cryptocurrency Tron dropped to the third plac

weeklyroundupcrypto-dec13.jpg Bitcoin is looking weaker than it was a week ago, by more than 2 percent Friday. In the last 7 days, the most popular cryptocurrency lost its value by $150. After climbing above the $7500 level, Bitcoin showed a downward trend since Monday. Bitcoin touched two-week low of $7150 on crypto exchange Bitfinex Thursday, its lowest level since November 24. However, it managed to make a shallow bounc

weeklyroundupcrypto-dec06.jpg Bitcoin experienced mostly a downward trend during the week, falling from $7800 last Saturday to $7370 this Friday. In the last 7 days, the most popular cryptocurrency lost its value by around 6 percent or over $400. It has been a volatile week for Bitcon, and the prices swung by big margins on December 4. It leaped from $7,100 to $7,500 on crypto exchange Coindesk within two hours, only to see

blockchain-dec03.jpg A U.S. citizen was arrested in Los Angeles on his return from North Korea after allegedly providing highly technical information on using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to help the Communist government launder money and evade U.S. sanctions. The Department of Justice said in a statement that Virgil Griffith, 36, was charged with violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Ac

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