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crypto oct30 23may22 Cryptocurrencies rose modestly early on Monday amidst persisting Dollar weakness and gains in equity markets. Crypto market capitalization increased more than 1 percent overnight to $1.30 trillion whereas the Dollar Index, which measures the strength of the Dollar against a basket of six currencies, dropped by less than a percent, to 102.3.

stock oct14 23may22 Here is a snapshot of the world markets at this hour across stocks, currencies, bonds, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

crypto dec17 20may22 Cryptocurrencies leaped on Friday tracking the broad-based recovery in the global stock markets. Equities rose as a cut in the Loan Prime Rate by China bolstered hopes of a quick economic recovery. Overall crypto market capitalization increased to $1.30 trillion, versus $1.25 trillion early on Thursday.

stock oct20 20may22 Here is a snapshot of the world markets at this hour across stocks, currencies, bonds, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

cryptocurrencies 011918 19may22 It indeed has been an extremely bearish trajectory for global financial markets, ever since inflation reared its ugly head and central banks worldwide responded by transitioning to a not-so-accommodative monetary policy stance. It has been particularly painful for cryptocurrencies, that tumbled for both macro-economic and industry-specific reasons.

stock oct08 19may22 Lingering worries over global growth, amidst persistent inflation and the unabated geopolitical crisis in eastern Europe sent world stock markets deep into the red zone. Warnings from corporates on supply chain bottlenecks and resultant impact on future earnings too dampened sentiment. Caution also prevails ahead of the minutes of ECB's recent meeting.

crypto jan28 17may22 Crypto market capitalization increased in the past 24 hours as markets attempted to move in tandem with the global rally in stock markets, especially the tech stocks.

stock may17 Equity markets gained on Tuesday as solid economic data eclipsed lingering anxiety over growth and inflation. U.K.'s jobless rate fell to the lowest since 1974. The Euro Area GDP was also revised higher marginally.

seccryptocurrencie oct23 13may22 The Securities and Exchange Commission has allocated 20 additional positions to the unit responsible for protecting investors in crypto markets and from cyber-related threats. The newly renamed Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit (formerly known as the Cyber Unit) in the Division of Enforcement will grow to 50 dedicated positions.

crypto may13 Cryptocurrencies rebounded from period lows on Thursday to stage recoveries of close to 9 percent overnight. Overall crypto market capitalization has increased to $1.32 trillion, as compared to $1.21 trillion a day ago.

stock may13 Equity markets rallied worldwide on Friday as comments by the Fed Chair on Thursday that it was not actively considering 75-basis points rate hikes in June and July, soothed nerves.

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