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logos may28 Today's Daily Dose brings you news about NantKwest teaming up with ImmunityBio to accelerate the development of vaccines and therapeutics for COVID-19; Mersana's promising data in ovarian cancer and non-small cell lung adenocarcinoma trial and Arcus' 10-year partnership with Gilead, among others.

logos may27 Today's Daily Dose brings you news about Alnylam Pharma's regulatory catalyst in December; argenx' generalized myasthenia gravis trial data; Atara's multiple sclerosis trial data and stock offering; Merck's deals and collaboration to develop an effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic; Novavax' progress in a COVID-19 vaccine trial and Osmotica Pharma's near-term catalysts.

uber may26 Ride hailing company Uber Technologies Inc. is cutting 600 jobs in India amid the impact of continuing coronavirus-related lockdown across the country, reports said citing Uber India and South Asia President Pradeep Parameswaran. The affected employees include full-time workers in driver and rider support, as well as other functions, and represent around 25 percen of its workforce in the country.

fda1 may22 The FDA has been focusing mainly on COVID-19-related review since March. But that said, the regulatory decision on drugs proposed for rare tumors and life-threatening diseases has not been deferred. Now, let's take a look at the biotech stocks awaiting a regulatory decision in the month of June.

vaccines may26 As the companies race against time to develop antibiotics or vaccines against the novel coronavirus, here's what happened in the COVID-19 drug/vaccine development space in the week that went by.

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