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civilwar-feb04.jpg Many European countries, including France, Germany, Spain, and the U.K., officially recognized Venezuela's self-declared president Juan Guaido after President Nicolás Maduro dismissed the European Union's Sunday deadline to call a snap election. The European Union and Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain had given an ultimatum to Maduro to declare elections by February 3.

corybooker-020119.jpg Senator Cory Booker, D-N.J., has jumped into the already crowded field of candidates running for the Democratic presidential nomination. Booker, an African-American, launched his campaign for president with the release of a video on Friday, the first day of Black History Month.

billtotackle-feb01.jpg A bipartisan bill to tackle technology-specific threats to US national security, posed by foreign countries like China, has been introduced in the Senate. The Bill, authored by Senators Mark Warner (D-VA) and Marco Rubio (R-FL), proposes to create an Office of Critical Technologies & Security at the White House. It will be responsible for coordinating across agencies and developing a long-term, w

trump-xi-jinping-013119.jpg President Donald Trump claimed in a post on Twitter on Thursday that the latest round of trade talks between U.S. and Chinese officials in Washington are "going well with good intent and spirit on both sides."

democratspropose-jan31.jpg Top Democrat legislators have introduced a bicameral Bill in the Congress to establish in law that it is the policy of the United States not to use nuclear weapons first. Wednesday, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA), Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, introduced in their respective chambers the "No First Us

trump-podium2-110118_30jan19.jpg President Donald Trump lashed out at the intelligence community in a post on Twitter on Wednesday after members of his own administration appeared to contradict some of the president's claims regarding foreign policy issues.

venezuela-maduro-juan-013019.jpg Venezuela's top court ordered self-declared president Juan Guaido not to leave the country, and froze his bank accounts. The move by Supreme Tribunal of Justice, loyal to President Nicolas Maduro's authoritarian regime, came shortly after the US Government handed control of Venezuela's bank accounts in the United States to Guaido, the opposition leader whom Washington has recognized as interim p

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