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10/1/2021 8:11:02 AM Cerus Welcomes FDA Requirements Effective Today To Safeguard U.S. Platelet Supply
8/10/2021 8:36:29 AM Cerus Announces CMS Issuance Of P-Codes For Hospital Outpatient Billing Of INTERCEPT-Based Therapeutic Products
8/4/2021 8:33:07 AM Cerus Appoints Ann Lucena To Board
8/3/2021 6:40:38 AM Cerus Says CMS Granted New Technology Add-On Payment For INTERCEPT Fibrinogen Complex
6/30/2021 8:34:49 AM Cerus Collaborate With LifeSouth Community Blood Centers To Manufacture INTERCEPT Fibrinogen Complex
5/17/2021 9:12:00 AM Cerus Corporation Teams With Canadian Blood Services For INTERCEPT Blood System For Platelets
1/11/2021 8:49:55 AM Cerus Q4 Product Revenue $28.2 Mln, Increase Of 35% Over Last Year
11/30/2020 8:37:01 AM Cerus Announces FDA Approval For INTERCEPT Blood System For Cryoprecipitation
10/13/2020 8:36:06 AM Cerus Corporation Announces 5-Yr FDA Contract For Development Of Next Generation Pathogen Reduction Technology
8/7/2020 8:35:07 AM Cerus Says INTERCEPT Blood System Kit Shipments Surpass 7.5 Million Treatable Platelet And Plasma Doses Since Launch
7/7/2020 8:35:06 AM Cerus Announces Successful Inactivation Of SARS-CoV-2 With INTERCEPT Blood System For Plasma; Stock Up
5/26/2020 8:36:36 AM Cerus Corp Submits Pre-market Approval Supplement To FDA For Pathogen Reduced Cryoprecipitated Fibrinogen Complex
5/4/2020 8:37:03 AM Cerus Corp. Says FDA OKs Manufacture Of INTERCEPT Plasma With New Alternative Plastic Disposable Kit
4/2/2020 8:43:14 AM University Hospital, Switzerland Transfuses Two COVID-19 Patients With INTERCEPT Treated Coronavirus Convalescent Plasma
1/29/2020 9:10:12 AM Cerus Prices Public Offering Of Its Common Stock For Proceeds Of $55.0 Mln
1/23/2020 8:45:59 AM Cerus Says INTERCEPT Blood System Effective In Reducing Risk Of Transfusion-transmitted Infections
1/13/2020 8:41:31 AM Cerus Q4 Preliminary Product Revenue $20.9 Mln, Increase Of 27%