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6/11/2021 8:10:32 AM XP Inc. Announces Acquisition Of Minority Stake In Capitânia Investimentos
6/4/2021 8:39:38 AM XP Announces Agreement To Acquire Minority Stake In Giant Steps
6/2/2021 7:38:43 AM XP Inc. Comments On IFA Activity In Brazil; Says Reinforce Long-term Commitment To All Entrepreneurs In Brazil
2/1/2021 7:11:37 AM XP Inc. Agrees To Terms In Connection With Ita' Spin-Off Of Investment
12/24/2020 6:49:31 AM XP Announces Acquisition Of Riza M&A
7/2/2020 11:17:28 AM Stock Alert: XP Trades Up 5%
7/2/2020 7:39:12 AM XP Reports Pricing Of Public Offering Of 19.5 Mln Class A Common Shares At $42.50/Shr
6/30/2020 7:06:41 AM XP Announces Acquisition Of A Majority Stake In Antecipa
6/24/2020 7:15:56 AM XP Inc. Announces Launch Of DuAgr In Association With VERT
6/19/2020 11:03:51 AM HP Seeks To Lead ESG Initiatives In Brazilian Financial Markets