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Updated at 3/20/2019 3:00:22 PM UTC
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Bob Moore Auto Group Partners Aliant Payments To Accept Crypto Payments

U.S.-based automotive dealer Bob Moore Auto Group entered into a deal with crypto payments processor Aliant payments Systems to start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. As a pilot program, the major car dealer in Oklahoma is now accepting payments in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) for cars, parts, and service at its Subaru dealership in Oklahoma City.
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Colorado Lawmakers Seek To Use Blockchain In Agriculture

Lawmakers from Colorado have introduced a bill that calls for conducting a study on the potential applications for blockchain technology in agricultural operations in the state. The bipartisan house bill 1247 titled "Study Agricultural Applications For Blockchain" was jointly introduced by representatives Donald Valdez and Marc Catlin as well as senators Kerry Donovan and Don Coram.
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Cryptocurrency Tutorial

Slideshow1-Bitcoin-062016-sm.jpg Bitcoin, once dismissed as something reserved for geeks and the cryptography enthusiasts, is back in the limelight, as the price of the cryptocurrency appreciated in recent weeks.