This Duo Confirmed As A Fake 20 Years Ago Today

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1990 - Milli Vanilli Producer Admits Fake
1990 - Milli Vanilli Producer Admits Fake

At a press conference on November 15, 1990, Frank Farian, producer for the mega-popular band Milli Vanilli, confirmed that the duo did not sing the vocals for their hit album "Girl You Know It's True."

The album had topped the chart four times in late 1989 and early 1990, making Milli Vanilli - nominally the duo of Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus - one of the most popular bands of the time.

The scandal first came to light at an MTV event in late 1989, when a tape skipped and the duo was exposed as obviously lip-synching in concert. In December, one of the real singers on "Girl You Know It's True" came out to the media. Farian tried to deny the reports, but eventually he was forced to hold the November 15 confessional press conference.