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1978 - Echo And The Bunnymen Make Live Debut
1978 - Echo And The Bunnymen Make Live Debut

Echo And The Bunnymen gave their first-ever concert on November 15, 1978. They performed at Eric's, a club in Liverpool, England.

The band consisted of singer Ian McCulloch, guitarist Will Sergeant, bass player Les Pattinson and a drum machine that some fans refer to as "Echo." The gig took place in front of about 30 people and consisted of only one song -"Bagsey Yours," an early version of what would eventually become "Monkeys."

Four months later, the group would release its debut single, "Pictures On My Wall." They would add drummer Pete de Freitas shortly after that. Echo And The Bunnymen released their first album, "Crocodiles," in 1980, including the song "Monkeys."