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10 Companies With The Best Retirement Plans Advisory firm Willis Towers Watson said that the percentage of employers still offering a traditional defined benefit pension plan to newly hired employees fell from about 50% to 5% between 1998 and 2015.

New Drugs Approved In November The process of drug development is challenging. Some drugs pass the FDA muster easily, while some face a host of hurdles before getting the official stamp of approval. So far, 40 novel drugs have been approved for this year, compared to just 22 in 2016. Novel drugs are new molecular entities (NMEs) having chemical structures that have never been approved before. Let’s take a look at the drugs that crossed the regulatory finish line in November.

The 10 Most Expensive Theme Park Rides The world's best park rides cost upwards of $300 million to build.

Beasts of Burden: 10 Companies Paying Most In Taxes American companies suffer one of the world’s highest federal tax rates at 35% of net profit. This is why many companies have moved profitable operations overseas, to lower-tax domains like Ireland, where the corporate rate is just 15%.