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Get To Work: The 10 Best States To Find A Job It’s a good time to be on the job market, as most recent job reports say job openings in the United States have reached at their highest levels in recent years.

Mucho Grande: The 10 Tallest Buildings In South America It seems hard to believe, but a few decades again South America had numerous tall skyscrapers that dwarfed those of Asia and Europe.

10 Nations Causing The Most Environmental Damage If emissions are measured in terms of consumption rather than production, a different picture emerges. This leads to arguably the best measure of current responsibility for climate change: the total carbon footprint of the average person in each nation.

Instant Pleasure: 10 Most Popular iPhone Apps Some apps just rise above the rest. Here is a list by analytics firm AppAnnie of the top ten iPhone apps, including the top five free apps as well as paid apps.